Fees & Offers

Pay as you go

Initial dental health check including two x-rays (30 min) £57
Routine dental health check (15 min) £39
X-rays £9

Preventive Treatments

Deep Scale & polish performed by the Hygienist or Dentist (30 mins) £49
Fluoride treatment £10


White filling (small) From £70
White filling (medium) From £125
White filling (large) From £150

Root Canal Treatment

Front teeth and Canines £200
Pre-molar £250
Molar £450

Crowns and Veneers

Porcelain Crown £560
Porcelain Veneer £560
Porcelain metal crown £560
Precious metal crown From £560

Dental Bridge

Per unit £560


Acrylic per arch £600
Acrylic both arches £900
Cobalt Chrome per arch £900
Cobalt Chrome both arches £1600


Normal From £80
Surgical From £160


Includes abutment and crown £2200
Sinus lift from £1000
Bone Graft from £1000

Teeth Whitening

Home whitening £300
Zoom In Chair Teeth Whitening £500

Six Month Smiles Braces

Both Arches (including retainers) From £3200
One Arch (including retainer) From £2500

Smile Makeover Assessment

Includes study models. Wax up & photos from £200

Invisalign Braces

Full Arch From £3900

Inman Aligner (Includes Assessment and Retention)

Upper front teeth (including retainer) £2000
Lower front teeth (including retainer) £2000

Oral Sedation (For nervous patients)

Adults £120
Children £120

Children Examination

0-5 years old £10
6-12 years old £20
13-16 years old £30

Fillings (Children)

Deciduous teeth From £45
Permanent teeth From £70


Frown Area One Area £160
Horizontal Forehead Two Areas £240
Crow’s Feet Three Area £290
Underarm (Both) £300


One Syringe From £250
Two Syringe From £450
Three Syringe From £650

Botox and fillers have a 20 minute consultation included into the price.

Botox and fillers also have a review procedure within 2-3 weeks also included in the price.

Facial Treatments

Chemical Peel From £80
Micro Meso Needling From £250
Meso Therapy From £200