Halloween is an opportunity to be really creative.

In this Aloevera Dental Clinic website we are going to talk about Halloween.

Halloween is just around the corner, and every year our children are overloaded with sweets and chocolates that are very bad for their teeth as well as their general health.

We have put together some food swap idea’s to help avoid all the sugar filled nasties, without loosing all the fun!

Many of our idea’s we have found online, in particular on Pinterest.

Websites like these constantly have new ideas.

Tip: When the ‘Trick—or Treat’ sweet fest can’t be avoided or monitored, Ensure that your Child spends a little bit longer brushing their teeth before bed time!

Halloween in Chelmsford 2019

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Silly Apple Bites

Use Slices of Green Apples & Strawberries to create the face and tongue of these crazy fruity monsters!

To help with the ‘sticking’ part, use any healthy nut butter or alternative.

Sunflower seeds, Dried Fruit or anything similar you may have in your cupboards make excellent teeth.

aloeveradental-Halloween Hacks
aloeveradental-Halloween Hacks

Grapefruit Jack-O-Lanterns

Use a Grapefruit skin (Or a large Orange) to carve out a pumpkin face, and fill it with a lovely chopped fruit salad.

aloeveradental-Halloween Hacks
aloeveradental-Halloween Hacks

Cheesy Witches Brooms

For the broom stick, use a bread stick or pretzel stick.

For the brush, use cheese (or alternative) and slice to create the bristles. To attach, use a fresh chive, or a little piece of cucumber skin.

aloeveradental-Halloween Hacks
aloeveradental-Halloween Hacks

Cookie Cutters

We are huge fans of cookie cutters! They are such a great way to make fruit and vegetables appeal to our children and encourage them to try new things.

Halloween themed cookie cutters are very easily available online, and are also very cheap.

They great to use on fruit and veg such as melon, carrots, cucumber (the possibilities are endless!) –A very quick and easy way to add a theme to your snack time.

aloeveradental-Halloween Hacks
aloeveradental-Halloween Hacks

Novelty reusable item

I found these great Halloween themed cups from Home Bargains for less than £2 each! They have sparkles inside which my little one will love, and they can be used time and time again.

A drink of water never looked so exciting. I may even fill mine with a green smoothie, packed with lots of dark green veggies to give it a the perfect shade of ‘Halloween green’.

Tip: Putting courgettes in your smoothie will give it a creamy consistency without having to add tons of banana – This keeps the sugar content lower and boosts the nutritional value. 

aloeveradental-Halloween Hacks
aloeveradental-Halloween Hacks

Food Platters

Getting creative with a bunch of healthy food and making a food platter will make it much more appealing for your children to eat.

This idea is perfect for a Halloween play date, or even just a cosy family Halloween themed lunch. We love this idea shared by @Forkandbeans on Instagram.

aloeveradental-Halloween Hacks
aloeveradental-Halloween Hacks

If you have any other ideas on staying healthy at this  event, or any more ‘Halloween Hacks’, please leave us a comment as we would love to hear from you. If you want to see our awesome dental services please visit our  dental services page. Note that you can always contact us with our phone: 01245 357 735