Our lovely patient Louise has agreed to let us share her dental journey here with us at Aloe Vera Dental Studio – and we couldn’t be happier to be apart of this transformation!

A Little bit from Louise; 

Since a young age I have always felt extremely self-conscious about my teeth. From the gaps, the size and the colour, I hated everything about them. I would find myself covering my mouth when talking to people I didn’t know, or not wanting to show my teeth when smiling for photos.

I was recommended Aloe Vera Dental Studio from a friend in 2016 and decided enough was enough, I wanted to have that perfect Hollywood smile I always dreamt of! 

The treatment was amazing, from the moment I stepped through the door. I was walked through the process step by step and given a lot of support throughout my journey. 

It has now almost been 3 years since I had my dental treatment done and I cannot be any happier. I smile everyday, grinning to the world! My only regret is not finding the studio sooner. 

before smile makeover

We also asked Louise the following about her dental journey;

Are you happy with your dental treatment? How would you score it from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest)

Extremely happy – 10

Are you happy with the result of your Dental Bridge and Veneer?

Extremely happy with both

What do you think are the benefits of having a dental bridge/veneer? What was the biggest advantage?

With having such a large gap before the treatment, the bridge and veneer have made my teeth look like it was never there.

Do you feel this dental treatment has improved your smile? If yes, how do you feel about your smile now?

Absolutely! I can now smile again without being self conscious and embarrassed.

In general, what are your thoughts on Dental Bridges/Veneers?

I think they are brilliant! They both change a smile and make the teeth look natural.

Would you recommend other people to have a Dental Bridge/Veneers?

Yes, especially people who have gaps in their teeth. (That want them to be closed)

We are always striving to improve our dental services for our patients. We would be grateful for any suggestions/complaints/compliments.

All the staff are friendly and polite, bringing a lovely atmosphere the moment you walk in the door.

How would you score our services from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest)

Definitely a very high 10. The service provided from the team and behind the scenes.

If you’d like to find out more about Veneers, follow the link to our ‘Veneer’ Page. https://www.aloeveradental.co.uk/porcelain-veneers/

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