Be good to your skin. You’ll wear it everyday for the rest of your life!

We thought we’d put together a list of common skin care mistakes, to save you the job of making them. Some may be very obvious, others a little less so!

1. Ditch the make-up wipes

Make- up wipes fail to clean your skin properly, and tend to just push dirt around your face. They are also really bad for the environment. Instead, invest in face cloths or flannels (one for each day of the week) so that you can pop them in the wash bin after each use. There are some beautiful cleansers on the market too, which suit all budgets and skin types.

2. Not wearing SPF daily, all year round and applying enough

Most people wouldn’t think to apply SPF in the winter because its cold… but the sun can still damage and age your skin whatever the weather. Introduce an SPF into your daily morning routine and protect yourself all year round.

We love this SPF 50 by La Roche- Posay ?!)+La+Roche+Posay-_-(GB:Whoop!)+Boots+Shopping+-+Category+-+Health+and+Pharmacy+-+Desktop&gclid=CjwKCAjwxOvsBRAjEiwAuY7L8mxXg8d5rJE9L4st1T22kSjA06OKc05675tXscvfzZnf8E4_pQ4PNBoCyCcQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

Anthelios Ultra Comfort Cream SPF 50+
La Roche Posay SPF 50+

 3. Over scrubbing or over exfoliating your skin

Chemical exfoliates are much better than physically scrubbing your face. Also you should only exfoliate twice per week.

4. Not addressing lifestyle and diet

For good skin, you need to start on the inside.

5. Using dirty make-up brushes

Use a daily brush cleanser to keep your brushes clean and free from bacteria – especially on your foundation brush.

6. Don’t go to bed with make-up on

This is a big no-no! At the very minimum take the time to remove all make-up, leaving your skin clean, clear and breathable!

7. Not Moisturising oily skin

It is vital that even oily skin gets moisture because without it, skin will over compensate for the loss of hydration with more oil production, leading to breakouts and uneven skin texture.

8. Using too many over-drying acne-fighting products

You will strip your skin of essential natural oils.

Here at Aloe Vera Dental Studio we offer a range of skin care treatments, our most popular being Chemical Peels, followed by Micro-needling.

To find out more about the treatments we have on offer, give a member of our team a call on 01245 357 735