Dental Crowns in Chelmsford, Essex

Crowns is used to restore & protect a weakened tooth caused by decay or trauma.

Crowns at Aloe Vera Dental Studio in Chelmsford

A Dental Crown is used to restore and protect a weakened tooth caused by decay or trauma. A Dental crown fits over the remaining tooth structure and restores the function and aesthetic appearance. There are different types of Dental crowns available depending on the individual needs. You can discuss this in dtail with your dentist. At our practice, these cosmetic dental crowns are usually made from porcelain or porcelain bonded to metal.

What to Expect?

Our dentist at Aloe Vera Dental Studio in Chelmsford, will use a numbing cream on the gum & a local anaesthetic before the neighbouring teeth/tooth is prepared using a dental drill. Dental Impressions will be taken by your dentist, which are then sent to our dental lab technician who will make the dental crown or the dental bridge. Our dentist then places a temporary bridge to protect the area & improve the aesthetics. At the second appointment the temporary bridge is removed, the area is cleaned & the permanent bridge is tried in & placed using a dental cement.