Nervous Patients

Some patients need a little extra help to undergo dental treatment. At Aloe Vera Dental Studio we can help you overcome your fears.

Are You Worried About Your Appointment?

For a nervous patient, a trip to the dentist can be a very stressful experience. Even walking through the door or sitting in the dentist’s chair can be too much for you.

Don’t worry, here at Aloe Vera Dental Studio we understand this completely. That is why we will never rush you. Our friendly team will take as much time as you need to discuss your options, making sure you fully understand, and are happy with your treatment plan.

Some patients need a little extra help to undergo dental treatment. At Aloe Vera Dental Studio we can help you overcome your fears .For those nervous patients, sedation referrals are also available. This induces a state of ‘deep calm’, allowing everybody the opportunity to have the smile they desire!

Sedation is for those of you that find dentistry so frightening that you may not be able to visit the dentist at all. It is our goal to make your dental experience as comfortable and straightforward as possible so as to ease any worries you may have.

Below is a lovely review from one of our very nervous patients

“I’m a tricky patient at the best of times. Phobic of needles, but also ironically an ex medical student, who therefore has rather too much knowledge to be easily placated! The team at Aloe Vera however lived up to their billing as specialists in being gentle with awkward patients. Potentially facing a root canal, somewhat against my better judgement, I allowed them to try an injection. On a previous occasion, at a different dentist, this had led to my all but jumping out of the chair!, but at Aloe Vera I honestly didn’t feel it… and better than that when they started drilling that too was painless!”

“All in all it would be difficult to recommend this place too highly. They are truly excellent, and if you want absolutely first class treatment at a very reasonable price, there really isn’t anywhere else you should consider going.”

What you can expect

  • Come in for a cup of coffee or tea and discuss any dental concerns you may have.
  • We will always listen, care and understand.
  • We provide a calm, friendly and relaxed environment.
  • Let us know the different aspects of dental care that upsets you.
  • We also offer a stress ball to hold which some patients find helps them to relax.
  • Before any injection we always place numbing gel on the area, so injections are relatively pain free.
  • We can agree on a stop signal such as raising your left hand which you can use during your dental treatment.
  • We will tell you and show you as much as you wish to know and see.
  • You can choose to watch a movie from our extensive library throughout your dental treatment.
  • You can choose to listen to your own music whilst having your treatment done.