Inman Aligner

If you’re looking for a treatment plan to help straighten you smile, The Inman aligner may be the answer for you. Book your consultation at Aloe Vera Dental Sudio to begin your journey to a brighter, straighter smile.

The Inman aligner is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment which straightens teeth quickly and painlessly.

The Inman aligner is made up of two component parts, a coiled spring that sits at the back of the teeth and a fine metal bar that runs along the front of the teeth. The device is designed to treat problems that affect the front teeth and can produce results in a matter of weeks.

The Inman aligner generated gentle forced, which gradually push and pull the teeth into the correct position, to leave you with a straight and attractive looking smile.

The benefits of Inman Aligner include:

  • The forced generated by the two components of the aligner are very gentle, meaning minimal pain or discomfort.
  • The aligner is removable, giving you more flexibility and enabling you to eat and drink whatever you want, and to clean your teeth thoroughly.
  • The Inman aligner is significantly cheaper than many other orthodontic treatments.
  • The promise of a short treatment time (most patients wear the device for a maximum of 16 weeks) is ideal.
  • If your teeth have moved after other braces treatments then the Inman aligner is an excellent method to correct relapsed teeth and hold them in place.