Dental Hygienist in Chelmsford, Essex

We at Aloe Vera Dental Studio pride ourselves in our thorough dental hygienist treatments and we guarantee a perfect teeth cleaning experiance.

One of our most important missions at Aloe Vera Dental Studio in Chelmsford is to promote preventive dental treatments such as seeing the Dental Hygienist regularly. These visits are essential in keeping the mouth and the teeth healthy. Unfortunately 84% Of people aged 25 and over have Gum Disease and it remains the main cause of tooth loss in adults.

Gum disease (inflammation of the gums) is caused by sticky plaque and when not removed by effective brushing and flossing, will harden and become tartar(similar to the inside of a kettle if not descaled). This cannot be removed by brushing at home and causes inflammation of the surrounding tissues. In advanced stages leads to periodontal disease and loss of the teeth. Here at Aloe Vera Dental Studio in Chelmsford, springfield our dentist recommend all our patients to have regular deep scale and polish by our dental hygienists. Depending on a dental patient’s oral hygiene and the gum condiotions the patient will be adiced to have deep scale and polish twice or four tmes per year. some of the risk facotors for a ptient to develope gum disease are family history of periodontal disease or gum disease, poor oral hygiene, smoking, drinking alchohol.

Our dental hygienist will also give you smoking cessation advice if yo are a smoker. Smoking has a big part in causing the gum disease and unfortunately not all our dental patientsaware of this. We hope that by making our dental patient aware of the gum disease and smoking being related and by motivating our patient they will stop smoking cigaretts.

What to expect

Teeth cleaning by dentist or a dental hygienist is extremley important for the genral health of our mouth. By professional teeth cleaning at Aloe Vera Dental Studio in Chelmsford, Essex our experienced Dental Hygienists can help prevent gum disease or periodontal disease by careful removal of the tartar ad calculus on the teeth. They can tailor an individual programme for you to maintain optimum gum health and also prevent bad breath that is often associated with gum disease.

First of all your dental hygienist starts a thorough exam of your gums by using a dental mirror and a dental probe. they will look for signs of gum inflammations or gum recession. They also use a perioprob which helps them to messure thegum recession and any existing gum pockets. After the oral examination the dental hygienist starts cleaning the teeth. They will usually use the ultrasonic scalers and hand scalers to remove the calculus or tartar which sits either above the gumline or deep underneath the gumline. and in the end they will polish your teeth with a polishing paste to make them white and beautiful. Our friendly professional dental hygienists at Aloe Vera Dental Studio in Chelmsford will always take their time to go trough your oral hygiene routine at home. They will also recommend which electric tooth brush or which tooth brush head to use, they recommend which tepe brushes, easy picks or dental floss or dental tape to use every day. They normally check how efficient you are with you oral hyggiene at home. Our patients are more than welcome to bring their own toothbrushes with themselves to their appoitmnets to show to our dental hygienists for advice.

More recently gum disease has been linked to other diseases in the body such as heart disease, diabetes, strokes and arthritis. So it is important to see the dental hygienist regulary & Our Dental Hygienist at Aloe vera Dental Studio in Chelmsford, Springfield will normally advise to have a deep scale and polish done at least every six months.

For special occasions like your wedding our dental hygienist at Aloe Vera Dental Studio can clean and polish your teeth and remove the stains caused by tea or coffee or smoking so your teeth will look white and bright and beautiful for your big day.

Children also would benefit from having their teeth cleaned by our dental hygienist at Aloe Vera Dental Studio in Chelmsford. not only the dental hygieninst will clean thier teeth but they also give advice about how to brush their teeth and how to use dental floss.

Floride treatment done by our dental hygienist at Aloe Vera Dental Studio in Chelmsford is a very effective way in treating the sensitive teeth and in helping to prevent dental caries or dental decay. floride varnish will be applied with a special brush on the affected area and we normaly ask the patient not to eat or drink for 30 minutes after the application.