Dental Hygienist

We pride ourselves in our thorough hygienist treatments. Dental health and hygiene are important and therefore we guarantee a perfect clean.

Did you know 84% Of people aged 25 and over have Gum Disease and it remains the Main Cause Of Tooth Loss In Adults?

Gum disease (inflammation of the gums) is caused by sticky plaques of bacteria that grow on teeth , and when not removed by effective brushing and flossing, will harden and become tartar(similar to the inside of a kettle if not descaled). This cannot be removed by brushing at home and causes inflammation of the surrounding tissues, which in advanced stages leads to loss of teeth.

What to expect

At Aloe Vera Dental Studio our experienced Hygienists can help prevent this by careful removal of the tartar on the teeth. They can tailor an individual programme for you to maintain optimum gum health and also prevent bad breath that is often associated with gum disease.

More recently gum disease has been linked to other diseases in the body such as heart disease, diabetes, strokes and arthritis. So it is important to see the hygienist regulary & we advise at least every six months.