Root Canal

Sometimes you can experience some nerve damage to a tooth which becomes inflamed and infected. We treat this with a simple Root Canal procedure.

What is a Root Canal?

A Root canal treatment is when the nerve inside the tooth has become inflamed & infection has formed at the base of the root underneath the gum. This can cause an abscess to form which may need to be treated with antibiotics. The tooth is then disinfected from the inside, the damaged nerve is removed & the tooth is filled before placing a crown on top. This can all be done ‘in-house’ at Aloe Vera Dental Studio, Chelmsford.

What to expect during a root canal treatment?

The gum & tooth are numbed using local anaesthetic to prevent any pain. Treatment can take around 2 hours & is often carried out over two appointments. X rays will be taken during the treatment to enable the dentist to see inside the root. At Aloe Vera Dental Studio, we always allow extra time so that you will be given breaks throughout the procedure so you are able to rest your jaw.

What Happens After?

The tooth may feel a little tender/sensitive so you may be advised to take pain killers for the next day or two. It is best to avoid biting on hard or chewy foods before the tooth is fully restored with a permanent filling or crown. We advise you to return for your regular examination appointments to review the tooth & oral health.