Now that the news is out (and very visible!) of a New Aloe Vera baby growing nicely, we thought it would be a great time to share our advice on caring for your teeth whilst pregnant.


Some women will suffer with bleeding gums during pregnancy. This is caused by a built up of plaque.

Hormonal changes can cause inflammation of the gums and make your gums more vulnerable to plaque.

The best way to tackle this unpleasant problem is to keep your gums and teeth clean. Pregnancy is a great time to review your oral health routine, and create long lasting healthy habits.

Your oral hygiene will certainly thank you during those sleep deprived newborn weeks!

Tip #1

Brush your teeth twice per day for 2 minutes with fluoride toothpaste. Please feel free to ask any of our lovely hygienists for tips on good brushing techniques. If you bring your toothbrush in with you, they are happy to help!

Tip #2

Switch to an electric toothbrush if you haven’t already. Decent toothbrushes will have a pressure sensor built in which will tell you if you are brushing too hard. Pregnancy might not seem like an ideal time to be spending out on yourself, but think of this as a long term investment.

Amazon regularly has offers running, especially on Prime day deals – It’s worth keeping an eye out!

Tip #3

Interdental cleaning once per day. This could be Floss, Tepe brushes, Floss picks = Whatever works best for you!

It’s so important to introduce this part of your oral health routine at a time that suits you. Healthy habits will not stick if you are choosing a time where you are regularly too tired.

During pregnancy fatigue is very common, as is morning sickness. This may mean that your usual first thing in the morning flossing session or last thing at night Tepe session no longer serves you. Perhaps you could change up your routine to do this after lunch? That way, it’s still getting done and your oral hygiene isn’t going to suffer.

Tip #4

Keep fizzy drinks and sweet foods to meal times. Give your mouths PH balance time to recover and keep any treats to meal times.

Tip # 5

Snacks. If you are snacking between meal times, choose fresh vegetables and fruit or plain yogurt. You really want to avoid sugary or acidic foods during snack times.

Tip #6

Avoid mouthwashes that contain alcohol

Tip #7

I’m sure you know already, but stop smoking.

For help quitting smoking whilst pregnant you can speak to your GP. You may also find this link helpful;

Tip #8

Regular visits to your dentist and hygienist. The dentist will keep a close eye on everything, and the hygienist will not only remove a build up of plaque, she will help you with your oral hygiene routine.

For a list of our current prices;

Tip #9

If you are vomiting during pregnancy, always rinse your mouth with plain water after each time you are sick. Do not brush your teeth straight away, this will help prevent the acid from damaging your teeth.

It’s very important to let your dental team know when you are pregnant. During pregnancy dental X-rays will be avoided, as will removing old amalgam fillings. This includes during the first trimester.

The dental team will always be discreet, and your information is completely confidential.