A common complaint that we hear everyday in dentistry, is how difficult it can be to get children to brush their teeth.

As many of us are parents ourselves, we’ve all been there!

Particularly when you have a very independent and strong willed toddler on your hands. As a team, we also found that the phase of starting school can also set off a ‘rebellion’ shall we say, to brushing teeth.

We have put our thinking caps together to provide you with a list of our top tips.

children brushing

Tip #1 Children see, children do

Our first tip, would be to brush your own teeth alongside your young children. If you can make this apart of your routine, it can have a really positive affect on children.

Tip #2 Use a timer

A simple two minute timer or timer on your phone works great. A visual prompt for 2 minutes is a great way to ensure that everyone is brushing for long enough.

Tip #3 Assisted brushing

It is advised that we assist our children with brushing until the age of 7. Now we know that it easier said than done in most cases. Perhaps come to an agreement with your child that either you do it once per day and they do it once per day (whichever way round suits). Or perhaps they do the first minute and you do the second?

Let them be apart of the decision on this one, and from experience, you will be met with less resistance.

Tip #4 Toothpaste

Some children really do despise the taste of minty toothpaste. There are alternative flavored toothpastes on the market. Just make sure that they contain fluoride. For recommendations on fluoride levels;

Tip #5 Toothbrush

Letting your child choose their own toothbrush can be a really easy solution. Perhaps they really like certain colour or character?

Oral B do a fantastic range of children’s electric toothbrushes in a range of Disney characters.

This one has an array of changeable stickers;

Tip #6 Games

I share the opinion of many parents, that there is a time and place for screen time. I am also really not opposed to using it at toothbrushing times to my advantage. There are so many free Apps out there such as Oral b Disney magic timer app.

An interactive game that is free to download and children play along with their favourite Disney characters.

There are also hundreds of toothbrushing songs/video’s on kids Youtube. Simply search for ‘Toothbrushing song’

Again, this is free to use, and when your child gets bored of one song they can use a different song next time. Our favorite’s over the years has been Hey Duggee toothbrushing song and Blippi.

Tip #7 Reward Charts

Typically suited for younger children, but can also work well as part of a chore chart for older kids.

We have some reward charts at the practice to help get you started, please feel free to ask a member of our team at your next appointment.

Tip #8 Dental Hygiene appointments

Once your children start getting adult teeth, why not book them in for an appointment with the dental hygienist?

Bring along their toothbrush, and let the hygienist work her magic in motivating and educating on correct teeth brushing and oral hygiene. It’s amazing how kids will listen to others isn’t!

We also offer Children’s membership plans;